Introducing EdgeSelect

A Secure, Modern Cloud File System with
Full Automation with AWS Snowball

Developed by SelecTech & Technology Partner CTERA

SelecTech and CTERA have partnered to develop a solution for AWS Snowball that not only provides agencies an easy button for adopting the cloud, but also gives the enterprise a modern way to interact with data, collaborate with remote locations through a central repository, and maintain an ultra-high level of security through integrated encryption, backup technology, and ransomware protection.



  • Zero Trust for your file services
  • Cloud Smart Initiative – automated migration to AWS
  • Security First Approach – encryption in transit and at rest
  • Integrated Backup Solution with ransomware protection
  • DOD APL Certified
  • Edge Computing with local performance

Full Edge to Cloud Automation – leveraging AWS Snowball

EdgeSelect offers offline cloud migrations using AWS Snowball to overcome the challenge of limited bandwidth and avoid the need to lease additional bandwidth. EdgeSelect enables AWS Snowball users to easily and quickly replicate data across various edge locations to a central repository back in AWS S3.


The CTERA platform allows agencies to access, share, and distribute files globally in a highly secure manner while enabling cost-effective, object-based storage on premises or in a public cloud such as AWS. CTERA provides edge computing in the form of a virtual appliance to help eliminate the need for procuring additional hardware at the edge and re-utilizing existing investments. If a customer needs a hardware refresh, physical appliances can be provided. CTERA edge filers are highly efficient in handling data as they incorporate data deduplication and compression, dramatically reducing network transport and backend storage footprint for file versioning and extended retention cycles. For public cloud storage offerings, such AWS S3, CTERA can leverage the most cost-effective S3 compatible storage, including infrequent access offerings or AWS auto-tiering policies.

CTERA offers the industry’s most cyber-hardened global file system and is the only cloud file services solution available through the DoDIN APL. Its platform is built on zero-trust architecture with encryption in-transit and at-rest; in-firewall topography; and strong Active Directory authentication. CTERA is FIPS-140-2 certified, supports CAC 2-factor authentication with client-side certificates, and is deployed in US Department of Defense networks (one of the only storage controller approved solutions with on-premises caching filers) and Fortune 100 financial services organizations on a global basis.

The CTERA solution was designed from the ground up to fully protect data from attacks or unauthorized access. Any attacker or malware is prevented from accessing backup files because data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest. Therefore, data connections to the file or object storage storing the files are fully secure; an attacker who encrypts the local disk cannot also encrypt the backups. Additionally, the CTERA platform provides snapshots of _files in each backup job. IT admins can set the snapshot scheduling to daily or even hourly, depending on your organization’s needs. With snapshots, users don’t have to worry about corrupt files overwriting clean files. Each snapshot is independent of other snapshots – meaning that is a system was infected on Tuesday, it can be rolled back to a Monday snapshot to restore the system to a clean point in time.